company introduction
  With the acceleration of global digitalization, our work, study and lifestyle are quietly changing. As an innovative company with the top R&D team in the industry, Core akg is committed to becoming the best substrate solution provider in the IC industry.

  AaltoSemi Provide all-round IC substrate services from R&D, design, production to testing, covering BT and ABF substrates. Applicable products include Coreless, ETS, FCCSP, FCBGA(BT) and FCBGA(ABF). As the substrate is the key material for the communication between the chip and the circuit board, and the chip design is constantly challenging the limit of Moore's Law and the demand for chips in the automotive electronics market is constantly expanding, how to achieve high precision, high quality, high reliability and mass production of IC substrates is very important.

  AaltoSemi Located in Pukou Economic Development Zone, Nanjing, we have built a high precision, high cleanliness, high automation and high intelligence IC substrate production park. The first and second phases cover a total area of 415 mu, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan and an annual output of 1.45 million high-end substrates. Through the certification of IATF16949 and VDA6.3, Core akg not only needs to provide IC substrates for consumption, high-speed computing and communication, but also needs to meet the strict quality and reliability requirements of vehicle regulations and medical products. In addition, Core akg has R&D and innovative DNA. The company has applied for more than 20 patents less than one year after its establishment. These innovative technologies can be applied to improve the yield, performance and cost of high-order processes (such as 2.5D package and FCBGA), and there are also solutions to increase the added value of low-order processes (such as single-layer boards).

  AaltoSemi, It means "love from heart to heart and protect the beautiful earth". We hope that the emergence of AaltoSemi can help solve various social problems facing the world, and make efforts to promote the sustainable development of the world with energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies.

  In the future, AaltoSemi One step at a time, we will continue to realize the beautiful vision of the enterprise leader through R&D and innovation. In the future, love is made.AaltoSemi, Wish to create common prosperity and good with you.


Quality team

The core team has cultivated the industry for many years.

Rich experience in management and technology.


FCBGA/FCCSPAdcanced design technology

Seceral patents of core substates.

Continuous R&D innocation, prociding one-stop sercice.


Policy support

Many international policies support semiconductor materials.

Local government supports in many ways.


Industry collaboration with upstream and downstream enterprises is expected.

The top five IC design companies and mobile phone brand companies in the world incest in subordinate funds.

Form industrial synergy.


Company profile
founding time: May 8th, 2021
locationNanjing Pukou Economic Development Zone
Product service: Coreless ETS, FCCSP, FCBGA(BT), FCBGA(ABF)

Origin of company name
Workshop design concept


· A:A stands for Excellence

· a:A stands for modesty and sincerity.

· l:(learning) stands for continuous learning

· t:Represent science and technology

· o:representOpen Mind Open Heart The culture of

· Semi :On behalf of our industry

Red It represents our enthusiasm and positive heart, and it is also a symbol of AaltoSemi.

Golden orangeRepresenting the circuit connection of the substrate; It's also the industry segment where we are located.

The name is inspired by the famous Nordic designer Mr. Alvar Aalto, whose design concept: industrialization and standardization must serve people's life. People-oriented, adapt to local conditions, refuse labeling, and be brave in change. In line with the concept of core love, we also hope to be committed to serving customers and be a people-oriented and service-oriented company.

The sky and the circle symbolize movement, and AaltoSemi keeps moving forward; With the ground, it symbolizes the spirit of stillness, seeking truth from facts and being pragmatic and enterprising. The combination of the two is the balance of yin and yang, and the complementarity of dynamic and static.

The round place is a symbol of our close relationship with customers and suppliers, and we are committed to Qi Li, mutual assistance and cooperation, and common struggle.


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